Creating the perfect marketing campaign is not an easy job. Things like target audience, budgeting, and media channels all have to be carefully researched before actually launching a marketing campaign. Media buying is a process that can get you real results and make sure your campaign is seen by the right people at the right time. Now, you may be wondering what media buying even is? Let’s take a look to get a better understanding of the process of media buying.


What is Media Buying?

Before we can define media buying, we must first understand what paid media is. Paid media is the process of paying an external party to advertise your message to other channels. One of the main benefits of paid media is that it drives traffic, quickly. Media buying a type of paid media. Media buying is defined as the process of identifying and purchasing advertising space on mediums that connect with your target audience at the best possible time. Media buying is purchased with the least amount of money possible on both traditional and digital media channels. Traditional marketing channels include newspapers, telephone, mail, radio, and digital marketing encompasses social media and websites.


The Media Buying Process

Figuring out who your target audience is, what channels to use, and what your message will be is a tedious process that takes time and research. If you put out a campaign that was not backed by research, the money you spent will go to waste. To avoid a useless media buying campaign, be sure to pay careful attention to the first step of media buying: the pre-launch. In the pre-launch phase, you are identifying your target audience, researching competitors, planning the actual campaign, and figuring out your budget. These four things will help you perfectly execute your campaign and set you up for step two. In the second step, you will be launching your campaign. This includes actually launching your campaign, tracking and responding to customer engagement, and adjusting things that may need to be changed. Stage three, which takes place after the media buying campaign has ended, is all about reflecting. It is imperative that you and your colleagues analyze how effective the campaign was and collect any data that may help guide future campaigns. Now that you know what media buying is and how to execute a successful marketing campaign, let’s take a look at where you can find the best media buying services in your area.


Media Buying with Robindale Media

Are you and your business ready to build a successful campaign with media buying? If you live in Blue Bell or the surrounding area, Robindale Media is your go-to agency for all things media buying services. At Robindale Media, our expert team will help you negotiate the best prices, execute the cleanest campaigns, and audit invoices for performance and accuracy. Contact us today at Robindale Media to start working with our team of experts to plan your next successful media buying campaign!

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