The Robindale Media Advantage doesn't just spotlight our unwavering commitment to client management; it epitomizes a sophisticated and reliable touch in cultivating vendor relationships.

Robindale Media: Amplifying Your Brand Everywhere, Every Moment, Every Channel.

Google / Social Media / Web Design

  • SEO Strategic Analysis
  • Exploration of Keywords
  • Comprehensive Page Optimization
  • Analysis of Google Analytics and Web Traffic
  • Optimization and Reporting for Mobile Devices
  • Benchmarking and Monthly Analytics Reporting covering Onsite Structure, Schema Markups, and Content
  • Evaluation of Website Speed and User Experience
  • Off-Page Third-Party Reporting, Uncovering Opportunities for Extended Reach
  • Review and Analysis of Website Traffic:
    • Expert management of campaigns with daily optimizations
    • Maximization of bid value, online presence, and leads funnel efficiency
  • Strategic Monitoring of Key Metrics:
    • Cost Per Click & Impressions
    • Search Impression Share
    • Tracking of Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Advertising Services:
    • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Hyper Local | Behavioral Targeting
      • Retargeting | Remarketing

TV & Radio Media Buying

  • Optimal Rates Negotiation
  • Platinum Campaign Management
  • Analyzing Added Value and Rotations for Optimal Deals

Direct Mail

  • List purchase/design/production
  • Postage and Delivery

Outdoor Advertising

  • We secure rock-bottom pricing
  • We identify and procure elite locations


  • Extensive Reach: 80% of US Households with Internet CTV Devices
  • Ideal for Cord-Cutters/Shavers/Nevers: CTV/OTT reaches these audiences effectively
  • CTV Defined: Television connected to the internet, streaming OTT content through apps
  • OTT Defined: Content streamed online
  • Targeted Reach: CTV/OTT reaches audiences based on behavior in specific locations and when they consume content on Connected TV screens

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