The Robindale Media Advantage applies not only to its intense focus on client management but also its elite surehanded approach to vendor relations.

Robindale Media audits all phases of your marketing investment:

  • SEO Strategy Analysis  
  • Keyword Research
  • In depth Page Optimization
  • Google analytics and web traffic analysis
  • Mobile optimization and reporting  
  • Benchmarking and Monthly Analytics Reporting: Onsite Structure, Schema Markups, Content
  • Website speed test, user experience
  • Off-page 3rd party reporting, opportunities for additional reach
  • Website Traffic review and Analysis
  • We will manage your campaigns and optimize them daily to ensure you are getting the most out of your bids, presence, and leads funnel.
  • We will strategically watch your Cost Per Click & Impressions, Search Impression Share and track your ROI.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising • Hyper Local | Behavioral Targeting • Retargeting | Remarketing
  • We negotiate the lowest rates.
  • We offer platinum level campaign management.
  • We scrutinize added value, rotations, and creative.

List purchase/design/production.

  • Who is your advocate?
  • Is your marketing spend being leveraged against additional media assets at “no charge”.
  • We secure rock-bottom pricing.
  • We identify and procure elite locations.

What is CTV OTT & why you need CTV OTT in your media mix?

  • 80% of US HH have internet CTV devices
  • It’s the best way to reach cord-cutters/cord-shavers/cord-nevers with CTV-OTT
  • CTV – is a television that’s connected to the internet, it streams OTT content through apps
  • OTT – is the content being streamed
  • CTV OTT is the medium that reaches a targeted audience in a specific area by their behavior: where & whenever they are consuming content on Connected TV screens,