The internet is a very big place. Every day, we’re bombarded with a seemingly infinite amount of information and content while on the internet. With all of this information, it’s sometimes difficult to be seen as a brand or business on the world wide web. For example, when you search ‘coffee shop near me,’ over 2 billion search results are generated. A small coffee shop that just opened down the street will probably have a hard time being seen on the first page of those search results. Fortunately, something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exists. In case you are unfamiliar with SEO, let’s take a look at what exactly this process is. 


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a process that increases the likelihood that your page will show up on search engines like Google or Bing. With SEO, there are certain words or phrases that will rank you higher in search results if you include them due to the algorithms. In order to do this, you can include these keywords on your website or a page that you want people to click on. For example, a pizza restaurant could include phrases like ‘best pizza near me’ or ‘pizza slices near me’ on their website. Based on our own research, we are including the phrase ‘SEO companies near me’ because it will increase the likelihood that this page will show up higher on a search engine’s results page. While SEO sounds fairly simple, finding these keywords and phrases requires a bit of expertise. Due to this, many companies will partner with an SEO service provider for help. 


Search Engine Optimization Service Providers

If you live in Willow Grove or the surrounding area, you can count on Robindale Media to provide you with expert SEO services that will increase your visibility on search engines. Our SEO, Google, and social media services include:

  • SEO Strategy Analysis  
  • Keyword Research
  • In-depth Page Optimization
  • Google analytics and web traffic analysis
  • Mobile optimization and reporting  
  • Benchmarking and Monthly Analytics Reporting: Onsite Structure, Schema Markups, Content
  • Website speed test, user experience
  • Off-page 3rd party reporting, opportunities for additional reach
  • Website Traffic review and Analysis
  • We will manage your campaigns and optimize them daily to ensure you are getting the most out of your bids, presence, and leads funnel.
  • We will strategically watch your Cost Per Click & Impressions, Search Impression Share and track your ROI.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising • Hyper-Local | Behavioral Targeting • Retargeting | Remarketing


Search Engine Optimization with Robindale Media

Now that you understand what SEO is, we’ll save you from googling ‘SEO companies near me’ If you live in Willow Grove or the surrounding area, Robindale Media is your go-to place for SEO services. At Robindale Media, our expert team will help you negotiate the best prices, execute the cleanest campaigns, and audit invoices for performance and accuracy. Contact us today at Robindale Media to start working with our team of experts to get started on your very own Search Engine Optimization plan!

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